Clemson East

December 11, 2018

Wary of black ice, we delayed our start but 15 hikers had warm hearts. Five trails we rambled seeing old mill remains, big hole, and waterfall, and yes, we had a ball. (5.1 miles over RC Edwards Trail, Big Hole Loop, Twelve Mile Loop, Vic’s Trail, Anthill Trail and Old Six Mile Highway)
Jean’s Gallery

Panthertown South

 October 18, 2018

Twenty-seven descended to the Valley’s creeks and falls, and gazed upon Panthertown’s Great Wall. Ascended up Big Green’s granitic dome, a pluton formed eons ago by magma beneath it’s tectonic home. Then back we traversed to Granny Burrell’s Falls and up to Salt Rock’s overlook, eight miles in all.

Jean’s Gallery

Donna’s Gallery