Who We Are

BLUE RIDGE RAMBLERS, formerly known as TUESDAY-THURSDAY HIKERS of the SC Upstate, began in 1974, with roots in the Foothills Newcomers Club and Keowee Key. We continue as an informal association of folks who love to hike. There are no dues, no formal organization, and no individuals in charge. All are welcome and all are invited to share experiences and suggestions regarding hike selection and practices to foster safer, more enjoyable, more eco-friendly outings.

Our hiking season usually begins with the arrival of cooler weather in September, and continues through May. We hike every week, mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our domain is the valleys, foothills, and mountains of the Blue Ridge Mountains in SC, NC, and GA.

Most trails are within an hour’s drive of our several gathering points. Most of the more than 80 day hikes in our repertoire include memorable features … bold streams, rockeries, waterfalls, grand vistas, wild flowers and such. Outings in recent seasons totaled near 400 miles, averaging 6.8 miles per hike. The longest hikes were nine miles; the shortest four. We plan close to 70 hikes, but typically complete closer to 60 due to inclement weather cancellations.

Our mailing list currently numbers well over 400, including many couples, or around 600 total. However, a large number are inactive alumni and future, “some day” hikers. Actual participation per hike averages about 15, with equal turnouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Most reside in the SC Upstate, concentrated around Lake Keowee, Seneca, Walhalla, and Clemson.